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Some things Sparkster don’t want you to know

  1. This was already a failing web company just months ago. They changed the name, deleted all records of that company and pretended they were blockchain. They had 0 investors befor Baline came along
  2. Their CEO claims to be from CISCO. He worked there on a call centre two decades ago. He has zero experience in blockchain and has had nothing but small failed businesses in those 20 years
  3. They have a workforce in India that they pay peanuts to hang around their own telegram group telling people that this will 50x. Check their twitter and you will see about 100 fake comments under every tweet.
  4. They do not have any partnerships, have zero proper VC companies backing them. Only Ian Balina who is a paid shill. Not one staff member is from a blockchain background. Their “development” team are an outsourced tech sweatshop in Mumbai where they are paying around $500 per month wages.


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