How it works:


In the case of you investing 10ETH things that could happen are below;

  1. Everyone buys/sells and you just hold; you will get many dividends.
  2. Noone buys sells and you just hold; you’ll have lost 2 ETH (20%) after you sell. But, you’ll still be earning some amount from the games.
  3. Everyone sells; You’ll be the last person in the system where you earn many ETH dividends while everyone is selling.
  4. Everyone buys; The dividends you earn will go down slowly as the token amount increases but your tokens will be worth a lot more.


  1. If we bought p3d token, on average how much new ether would need to enter the market for us to breakeven (get back the 20% loss)?
  2. What is the expected time that this new ether will enter the p3d ecosystem?
  3. We can buy p3d token when it goes down in price vs now if we bought the p3d token right now and its price continued to fall at what point do we become break-even? (since the token will also give dividend while people are selling thus it might be reasonable to buy now rather than later)?


  1. To be calculated
  2. To be calculated
  3. To be calculated

I haven’t finished calculating because I’ve realized that secondary markets can be built on top of it thus automatically making the system partially obsolete.


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