About Us

The Team

We are a team of developers, analysts, investors and fund managers. We have been in the cryptocurrency space since 2013. Our team is based in Toronto, Istanbul and Ankara.

Why Bitses Exists

We were already doing research for our investments. But the more we have seen our friends get scammed by ICOs, the more we felt the need to share our knowledge. We are open sourcing all of our data. We are hoping we can contribute to the field by being the most honest research group and exposing scams as much as possible. (Disclaimer: Bitses does not reflect individual researchers opinion)

What You Can Do

Other Projects

We’re building an exchange for Amoveo, one of the most undervalued coins that we know which is currently being traded by OTC. You may register at amoveo.exchange to learn when it is launched.

We’re also working on a wallet holder. You can get your username at mywallets.co before anyone else gets it.